Exploring Georgetown

Our hotel was about a block away from the George Washington Campus in DC. While my brother and parents went to look at Catholic University, I embarked on an adventure of my own…walking to Georgetown University to see my good friend Mariah. Using my trusty iphone I mapped my walking course…it said the walk would be about 2.2 miles to the middle of campus. I kept my cute boots on because my feet felt fine after the 3 mile walking loop we did in the morning (biggest regret ever…OUCH).

The iphone is the BEST travel companion! 

The walk was super easy and nice. I spent most of it window shopping in all the stores along M Street and Wisconsin. I made it to campus in about 30  minutes and waited outside Healy Hall (or as I call is, the castle) for Mariah to come meet me.

Healy Hall 

Once Mariah found me we started walking down M Street in search of a place to eat lunch. The first place we tried was closed, so we ended up at a place called Thunder Burger and Bar. They seriously had any kind of burger you could imagine (Elk, Bison, Falafel!) It was in a very cool building. I loved getting to catch up with Mariah because I only get to see her on breaks from school!

After lunch we went in search of the perfect cupcake. I am sure you have all heard about Georgetown Cupcakes…but we went to a different place called Baked and Wired, which according to several sources has much better cupcakes (and virtually NO line!). I was still full from lunch and could not for the LIFE of me pick just one flavor, so I got three to go, that way my family could try them too! I stayed pretty basic with flavors, Vanilla, Red Velvet, and Chocolate Strawberry Fields. (I was very intrigued by the Chai Tea Cupcake!)

Pictures from Baked and Wired 

After we got our cupcakes we walked down the Potomac River and sat and chatted…this was the point that my feet began to THROB. I instantly regretted wearing my boots…hello sneakers for the rest of the trip (ugly but comfortable on throbbing feet). After a little rest, we headed back up to Georgetown’s campus where Mariah showed me around! Her dorm is one of the prettiest ones on campus, and right next to Healy Hall. It is GINORMOUS compared to UF dorms!

Houses along the walk home

On my walk home I took in all the adorable and beautiful homes that lined the streets. I would absolutely kill to have one of these houses…they are beautiful and steps aways from some of the BEST shopping I have ever seen!

Cute Small Town Streets 

I was so glad I got to see Georgetown during this short trip to DC…and even more excited that I got to hang out with Mariah :)! It is one of the coolest little college towns ever. I want to come back and stay closer to Georgetown and just spend ALL my money!


3 thoughts on “Exploring Georgetown

  1. Jen says:

    Georgetown is beautiful! I really want to go to DC soon and explore. I definitely learned my lesson with the cute shoes situation in NY. Walking literally everywhere = definitely need to bring comfy shoes. I love your pictures. Reason number 12910 why I need an iPhone!

  2. SaraSmiles365 says:

    You WOULD LOVE DC! 🙂 🙂 and when I go to NY (one day haha) I will DEFINITELY wear the cute boots for short walks, and comfy shoes for farther! 🙂 And yes iPhone saved me so many times! 🙂

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