Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

This past weekend I was treated to the perfect weekend! It was Phi Mu Family weekend back in Gainesville, but unfortunately no one in my family could attend. My dad, feeling guilty that he never made it to any of my family weekends, surprised me with a ticket to visit my high school friend Chelsie. Chelsie goes to school at Davidson in North Carolina. This college is one of the most gorgeous schools I have ever seen. The campus itself was stunning, due to all the colorful leaves. I was dorkily excited to see the trees change colors, because this is something we don’t get to experience in Florida.

Colorful Leaves

Friday morning started with the infamous pancake breakfast I am always hearing about!  Some of Chelsie’s friends open their apartment up on Friday morning and cook pancakes for everyone. Chelsie brought chocolate chips and bananas, so needless to say our pancakes were delicious. After pancake breakfast Chelsie had class, so I went to hang out in the Davidson student union. I was surprisingly productive! Who knew it would take visiting another college to get me to do my work?

Chelsie’s Apartment

Friday afternoon was spent exploring the gorgeous campus. While Chelsie had an interview her friends Bianca and Quentin showed me around Davidson. Friday night Chelsie ran a 5k supporting Movember (No Shave November flashback!) She did fabulous (24 minutes) but I have to brag, her friend Anna Marie ran her PB (cross country lingo for personal best)!

The 5k was at night 

After the 5K we went to Chelsie’s friend Linda’s apartment for a 11:11 potluck dinner. All of Chelsie’s friends were so sweet to me! We had a really great time and ended up hanging out until after midnight. We then wandered over to the eating houses (kind of like sororities). One house was having a Day-Glow party, so we decided to peak our heads inside.

Davidson Football

Saturday we went to the Davidson Homecoming football game. Coming from an SEC school, this football game made me feel like I was back in high school. The rest of the day was spent getting ready to go the Miss North Carolina Pageant! Chelsie’s roommate Ana was competing.

Chelsie and I before the Pageant

I am SO glad we got to go to the Pageant…it was like watching Toddlers and Tiara’s but with grown ups. There was also a teen portion of the competition, but every single teen looked older than 25! Nicole (Chelsie’s roommate) and I were thoroughly entertained when the host (some guy from the Singing Bee) randomly BUSTED out into song…I felt like I was in Miss Congeniality.

All the Contestants 

After the pageant we drove the hour and half back to Davidson, where I got to experience my first Court party. It was so laid back and fun. I told Chelsie being at Davidson was like living in a bubble (in a good way). Going out at night I felt completely safe…unlike the clubs in Gainesville where there is bound to be at least one sketch ball. 

Chels and I at the party

Sunday was very relaxed. I slept in and then met Chelsie for breakfast at a place called Toast. Davidson’s main street is one of the cutest things ever. They have little restaurants and boutiques lining the road. We walked back through campus while I snapped away like crazy on my camera.

Favorite Picture of the Trip

I was so sad to have to leave. The weather in Davidson was chilly, but absolutely gorgeous. I loved getting to have a little bit of Fall weather. I was not ready to go back to muggy Gainesville. I was so glad I got to spend a fabulous weekend with Chelsie, and finally meet all of her friends. This was a trip I had been meaning to take for the past four years. Now that I am back in Gainesville, I am already planning another trip back there over my Spring Break! 🙂

I love the Fall


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