Oh, How Pinteresting!

So I have been “pinning” on Pinterest for a while now…but in the past few weeks I have noticed quite an increase in pinners! For those who don’t know Pinterest is a series of virtual inspiration boards that will use up all of your time. Beautiful pictures of stunning outfits, mouth watering foods, and brilliant craft ideas are right at your finger tips. As you scroll through the pages you are able to “pin” your favorites to your own “board.” I have a board for just about everything!  My fantasy wedding, recipes to try, crafts to “attempt”, and even engaging activities for the classroom.

My sorority sister Jen frequently does an Oh How Pinteresting post, so I figured I would share some of my favorite pins. You can check out all of my boards and pins here.

From my Classroom Ideas board…

Blurt Out Chart: Actually used this in the Classroom this week with one student, worked SO well! 

From my Craft Idea board…

Cork Letters, My mother would KILL for this…but any attempt I make at this would fail! 

From my Say What board…aka my quotes…

One of my favorite quotes from The Help  

From my Cool Things board…aka the board where I put random things

Genius water bottle with a place for money/id

From my For the Home board…

The most beautiful quatrefoil chair, perfect for any Phi Mu

From my Recipes board…

Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Bread…YUM!

From my Style Pinboard….

And finally last but not least something from my wedding board…probably my favorite board…I have to pick two…

Sparkler Send Off 

Fun wedding photo shoot 

Everyone should definitely check Pinterest out!

Happy Pinning!

**linking up with The Vintage Apple for this post**

**click on the pictures to be taken to their source**


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