My Life in Pictures: FL/GA, Halloween, and Homecoming

I am extremely sorry I have been such a bad blogger! The end of the semester is nearing, and all my procrastination is coming back to haunt me. I can’t believe in a few weeks I will be graduating from college…and then starting Grad School come January! This semester has truly been one of the most challenging I have faced…being a teacher is going to be HARD work, but I love it! (and anyone who thinks otherwise can feel free to spend a day in the classroom!)

I have been able to find some time for fun, despite all the school work piling up. Halloween weekend I went to Jacksonville with my sorority phamily for the Florida/Georgia game! Despite the loss I had a great weekend…

My entire phamily except for grandlittle Tina!

For Halloween, the elementary school that I am interning at participates in Trick-or-Treating on Main Street each year. We had a table, interns, and a TON of candy. The kids are able to go from store to store gathering candy. All of the interns dress up, I was the Rainbow Fish (which sadly, very few of my students knew about) I felt extremely lucky to see so many of my students that night all dressed up in their costumes!

Sarah and I on Halloween

We also celebrated homecoming here at University of Florida, and I made sure I made time to make it to at least one event during the week. Biffle and I went to the Halloween social on Tuesday! She was a witch and I borrowed my roommate Amanda’s flapper dress! The club was a little sketchy, (I felt like I was in a creepy guys basement) but I loved getting to hang out with my sisters! So many seniors were there, so it was a great last hurrah! Biffle and I also had quite an adventure on the way home, busses weren’t running so we walked all the way back her apartment (in heels!!!).

Absolutely LOVED Rebecca’s Party in a Poncho outfit!

Homecoming week finished up with Gator Growl! Joel McHale was hilarious, and I felt like I was in middle school again listening to the Goo Goo Dolls. And on a positive note we FINALLY won a football game! (I miss the football from freshman year!)


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