When Life Hands You Lemons…

Make these Sweet Tea Vodka Cupcakes…

**Picture Source**

And when that fails…turn the cupcakes into Cake Balls.

Needless to say, my cupcakes did NOT turn out as beautiful as the ones in the picture…everything and anything that could go wrong while baking happened (minus a fire).

Everything started out smoothly…and by that I found all the ingredients I needed, well after several phone calls to my mother, and then laid them out for  the “ingredients picture”…

Everything looks great right?

Yeah…then comes the actual baking cupcakes from scratch part….

Dilemmas I encountered while baking….

1. How the heck do you ZEST a Lemon…I ended up using a potato peeler (it looked like a “zester”) but that resulted in chunks of lemon peels, not nice little slivers.

2. I have baking soda but no baking powder….said baking powder was eventually found, but it turned out to be expired

3. Oh! Let’s use these cute foil cupcake liners…I wonder why they don’t fit the entire thing… yeah turns out they were BIG Mini cupcake liners…


Luckily my mom suggested turning these “mistakes” into cake balls…Here is my EXTREMELY simple recipes for cake balls, or as my cohort calls them “balls of joy”

1. Bake a cake

2. Let it cool

3. Crumble the cake into a bowl

4. Mix 3/4-one can of frosting to the cake pieces (or use your failed Sweet Tea Icing like I did)

5. Roll the concoction into tiny balls and set them on wax paper

6. Melt Chocolate

7. Dip balls into chocolate

8. Add Sprinkles

9. Refrigerate and Enjoy 🙂

And I must admit, I was concerned about the Lemon Chocolate combination, but they were quite a hit at the Gameday party :)!!!


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