My Phi Mu Phamily

A week ago today my Phi Mu Phamily welcome two new additions…My fabulous grandlittles Tina and Kelsey. My Little was beyond thrilled when she found out she would be taking TWINS (that’s what it is called in sorority land).

It seems like just yesterday I was getting my big sister Lauren! I was so relieved to discover that she was my big sister. We have literally done everything together…from movie nights to backpacking across Europe! šŸ™‚

Lauren and I, my freshman year!Ā 

After being a little for quite some time, I was lucky enough to be given the most amazing little ever, Kacy! She and I are different, but alike (if that makes any sense) but we get along fantastically. She is always forcing me to go out with her (which is good)!! Plus she is like the world’s most talented crafter…

My Little and IĀ 

And now this fall, my little became a big sister! šŸ™‚ Things have changed since I was a freshman, now each big sister comes up with a creative idea to make reveal a little more exciting. When I revealed to Kacy, we each had pink cowboy hat…and Kacy, being the creative genius she is, created MONOGRAMMED Aprons for the entire Phamily.

The entire Phamily…minus MY Grandbig Stacey :(!Ā 

Tina and Kelsey are seriously the greatest Grandlittles anyone could ever ask for! They are sweet and hilarious šŸ™‚ I am looking forward to a lot of fun Phamily time this year.


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