Pink Out Winter Park: Pink is Always In

So my hometown is seriously the best town ever…right now several shops and restaurants are participating in Pink Out Winter Park! Here is a screenshot from their website.

Picture via Pink Out Winter Park

First off, I love the catchy slogan! And all the events sound so amazing…I wish I wasn’t stuck in Gainesville taking classes. Luckily, I am going home next weekend, so I plan on participating in one event…which may just be my favorite!

Picture via Pink Out Winter Park

The local store The Doggie Door is currently selling Pink Lawn Flamingoes for $10! Here is the description from the website…“For $10, we’ll give you one to keep for yourself and place in your yard and add another to the growing flock of flamingoes on Park Avenue, along with a name tag honoring a survivor or loved one affected by breast cancer.”

I always knew Pink was a great color! 🙂 So if you live in Winter Park, Orlando or anywhere nearby you should definitely head over to one of the participating stores and help support the fight against breast cancer! Get a cute pink Flamingo for your lawn! You can also check out the website for more information!

Picture via Tumblr.



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