Adventures in Baking

So, here is the thing, I absolutely LOVE the idea of baking/cooking I just don’t have the patience for it. I don’t like following recipes, I don’t like waiting for things to cook, pretty much I just want the pictures I see online to end up on my plate in the matter of 5 minutes. Well…we all know that is never going to happen!

The fabulous Jen from Food, Love & Life, (my Phi Mu sister at FSU)  is always cooking the most beautiful recipes. I wish she would come to UF and just prepare all my meals! (how do you feel about being a Gator Jen??) So last night my roommate and I were bored (and avoiding homework) so I decided to channel my inner Jen and make an attempt at cooking something. Of course I had to start easy with a dessert…next step will be a full meal!

Natalie and I canvassed our shelves in the pantry and just started pulling things. We decided to make a sort of cereal smores bar. Growing up neither of us ever made Rice Krispie Treats (depressing right?) so attempting to melt marshmellows was quite a task…never quite got them to melt! I documented our process in photos…so you can attempt to make these delicious treats too! (sorry there isn’t a more accurate recipe) 20110915-083725.jpg

Fill half a pan with cereal (We used the two honey flavored cereals shown).20110915-083740.jpg

Melt a bunch of marshmellows (use 3 tbs of butter to help melt) 20110915-083753.jpg

If you attempt this it should be more melted, but as I said we failed at this part…20110915-083806.jpg

Mix the marshmellows with the cereals, and then flatten across the pan (like rice krispies)20110915-083822.jpgThen we cut up several DOVE Dark Chocolate squares and scattered on top of the cereal. Then we placed in the oven until the chocolate was melted. Spread the chocolate across the top.

20110915-085251.jpgAnd the FINISHED PRODUCT! Pure deliciousness!

And you have witnessed my FIRST Adventure into baking… next time I will attempt a REAL food (Which scares me!) haha

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