“Knee deep in the water somewhere…”

The summer of travelling has yet to slow down. The family just took a fabulous vacation to paradise. We were treated like VIPs on our journey down to the Abacos islands, taking an almost private plane. (Okay, it was a commercial flight, but only 6 people could fit in it!) I was absolutely terrified at the idea of flying over the ocean in such a small plane, but let me be the first to say it was one of the best flying experiences of my life (and trust me I have had some BAD flying experiences). My brother Ryan got to fly co-pilot, and the rest of the family took in the views from the planes windows.

The view from the plane as we left Florida

The water in the Abacos is beautiful. You are able to see every single shade of blue somewhere in the water. When we would enter the crystal clear water, I would want nothing more than to jump right in!

tempting right?

Luckily, I found myself in the water almost every day snorkeling. The ocean is a place that both terrifies and intrigues me. Every time we went snorkeling I found myself nervous about diving into the deep unknown. If you know me, I am really bad about overcoming my fears…but for some reason the curiosity of what I might see beneath the surface got me in the water every time. Once I am in, I am good to go! I could literally snorkel around the ocean all day long. There are so many things to see, and I loved that I brought my waterproof camera along for the dives.

Stingray spotted

We spent most of our days snorkeling on a giant reef in the Abaco Sea. But a few times we wandered over to the crystal clear water with white sand and discovered quite a few sand dollars and giant starfish.

Starfish 🙂

What else did we do while in the Abacos ? We DRANK yummy drinks! 🙂 There is no drinking age in there, but I am proud to say I was 21 and legal! (FINALLY) We found the best place ever to enjoy drinks after a long day…The Abaco Inn. I am not sure what my favorite drink was, but I definitely enjoyed all the fruity options. Mom and I enjoying drinks at the Abaco Inn

I honestly had a fabulous time on this trip, even though it was VERY different from any family vacation we have ever done. We usually find ourselves out west at a National Park, hiking and white water rafting. So a laid back trip like this was very different. I am looking forward to going back to the Abacos again…and staying at a different place (We had VERY bad luck with lodging, but that is another story). I miss snorkeling every day, and walking around in a swim suit and cover up.

The Family on the last night of the trip enjoying dinner at the Abaco Inn


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