Barcelona (day 21)

This morning I had a REAL breakfast…eggs and bacon plus fresh squeezed orange juice! It was the perfect protein filled start to our day. In the little restaurant a tv was playing Spanish news, and I am proud to say I actually understood bits and pieces of it!
First, we walked down to the port to see the Christopher Columbus monument. We payed to ride the elevator to the top so we could get a birds eye view of Barcelona…honestly not worth the 4 euro (I am sure there are better places to see this view!) we then wandered down to the water where all the boats were. I would have killed to know someone in Barcelona with a boat today. The weather was HOT and sunny, perfect boating weather. I watched enviously every time a boat pulled out of the dock!

At the top of the Christopher Columbus Monument
After this we began to search for our next destination…museu d’historia de la ciutat (I can almost guarantee that was spelled incorrectly!) let me tell you, this is one of the hardest places to find. I have no idea how long we walked around…and it took asking several people for directions before we eventually found it.
Best museum ever (ok maybe not) but it was air conditioned, and on a hot day like today that means everything. The museum itself was actually very interesting, it was mostly underground where they had ruins of old cities dating all the way back to -12 AD. Of course, we encountered our fair share of school field trips here, I seriously think that they search us out!
Then we took a little Siesta, before heading out again. This time we went to see two houses designed by Gaudi. They were very bizarre but at the same time very cool. One of the buildings was covered in a giant mosaic that must have taken forever to complete! Walking back from the Gaudi House we were quite shocked to see several women completely naked dancing in a fountain…very confused at this we kept walking, and realized it was all a part of a giant protest going on in this park. From the English signs we guessed that it was about money problems? It was a very intense and crazy protest, posters covered everything in the plaza!
We enjoyed dinner at the Travelers Bar, where we accessed free wifi! We had Sangria again…which was not as delicious as the first time, but this did stop me from enjoying every last drop. We made a new friend from South Africa, it was really great to talk to a new person! They had worked in Colorado at the ski town where I first learned to snowboard. It was great hearing all about the places in the town and also hearing about a different persons travel journey! Tomorrow is our LAST day in Europe…I honestly can’t believe we have visited five countries in the past 21 days, it seems surreal! I am ready to be back in the US though, there are several things we have been missing (free refills and ice!) haha plus I will be much less stressed out once all my pictures are safely loaded on my computer!!!!

Outside the Museum


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