Barcelona (day 20) Sangria Saves the Day!

When we boarded our night train in Nice, we were thrilled to see actually seats and not awkward cabins. We each had our own reclining seat with a foot rest…and no one in front of us. felt like I was flying first class! I had trouble sleeping though, because you wait for the ticket guy to come by (which never happened) and then getting comfortable is VERY difficult. I maybe got 4-5 hours all together. We then took two more trains to Barcelona. Needless to say when we arrived on Spain a day later tensions were running high. The three of us have been together 24/7 for the past 20 days…so things to do not always go smoothly, especially when we are tired and hungry!
Luckily with Biffles book we found the cheapest hostel of the trip (15 euro a night) and we have our own room and it’s in a great location! I even got to test my Spanish out! The woman working literally spoke no English, I told her I knew a little (un poco) but that didnt slow her down! She kept spouting out facts about the different keys and locks (luckily Lauren understood some and so did I) it felt really great to actually understand the language a little.
Once we settled in we set out on a search for a REAL meal! We had been living off croissants since we left Nice…not exactly the most nutritious food out there! We ended up at a restaurant nearby called Taller de Tapas, and oh my goodness the food was great! We ordered Sangria and that cheered everyone up. I had chicken kebabs that were amazing. After this delicious lunch we CRASHED. We all needed a good rest after such a long day of traveling and luckily we are in Spain where they enjoyed siestas daily!
For dinner we ended up at an international bar, where just had some pizza…it was not that great, but I honestly wasn’t expecting much! Tomorrow we plan on really exploring Barcelona!

Yummy Sangria 

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