Barcelona (day 22)

Last day in Europe was extremely laid back and relaxing. We spent the morning waiting to get into La Sagrada Familia, which is an amazing church that has been being built for over 100 years. They just completed the inside of the church, but constructions continues on the exterior of the church.  It contained a lot of work by Gaudi…which is always very bizarre but very interesting. I got some amazing pictures inside the church.

The roof in the Church
Then we wandered around Barcelona, grocery shopping (for the 24 hour travel day tomorrow) and Biffle needed to so some more souvenir shopping. Confession, I didn’t buy anyone souvenirs…(sorry friends but I was traveling in a backpack, there is only so much I can carry!)
For dinner we enjoyed REAL meal…with multiple courses, and absolutely no nutella! It was a great way to end the trip…and we had some great Sangria, which may or may not be my new favorite drink.

I can’t believe my whirlwind European adventure is ending! We leave Barcelona tomorrow morning at 5 AM (Well that is when we will be getting on the Metro). We are supposed to arrive in Florida around 9 pm.


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