MonteCarlo and Nice (day 18 and 19)

The next morning we slept in and enjoyed our delicious French breakfast at the “hotel.” It is official I am now addicted to hot tea and croissants! After breakfast we made our way to Monaco/Monte Carlo…on a windy but beautiful bus ride along the coast….that ultimately took an hour! The casino was extremely fancy, you have never seen so many guys taking pictures of fancy cars! I saw two Lambourghinis in a span of ten minutes (my brothers should be proud I knew what it was!)

I would like to tell you I won big money in Monte Carlo, but that would be a least I can honestly say I did not lose big money! I also put two and two together on the bus ride home and realized Monaco is where Grace Kelly became a princess!!!! 🙂 Our last day in Nice was very relaxing…minus our freezing early morning showers! (we woke up at six to shower, only to discover the door locked! We didn’t get showered until after 7:30 and the water was ice cold) then we wandered around Nice…visited a book store so Lauren and Biffle could buy books. We have been quite the little readers here in Nice! I finished two books! (Atonement and Something Blue) and I am now on my third book The Help! Having the kindle app on my iPhone has been quite the blessing. We also ended up in a nice park where they were setting up chairs, we wandered over and were quite surprised by a orchestra performance in the park. The nice old man next to me explained the event in English. I was very appreciative because we had no idea what was happening. We also met two recent Gator grads walking around! They asked us to take a picture, and after a few minutes of chatting we made the Gator connection! I can definitely say their trip is much different than our backpacking adventure. If the arm full of David Yurman bracelets wasn’t a definite giveaway…I was convinced when they started complaining about their horrible hotel, where the ac was broken (in their room) and the blow dryer wasn’t working. I wanted to respond with “listen girls, we are staying in a tiny room with BARELY enough space for the three of us to sleep. Biffle can’t even stand straight in certain places. The toilet is down the hall…the shower is three flights down and coin operated and cold. Oh and AC? We don’t have that at all…we get a tiny breeze from out our window if we are lucky!!” needless to say that was all thought silently in my head. It was nice to meet some fellow Gators though, even if they were living the luxurious travel life while we were roughing it! Tonight we head to Barcelona on the night train journey from hell. We leave Nice at 8:20 pm, switch trains at 5:22 am, and 8:30 am and arrive in Barcelona at about 11:46 Monday.

Monte Carlo


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