Rome (day 12)

Today was honestly one of the best days of the trip! It may have started bright and early, but it was definitely worth it. The alarm went off at 430 am (crazy) but we didn’t get moving until 445. Once dressed and ready we ventured to the metro near the train station…only one word can be used to describe it, sketch. (later learned from Fr J that it’s a hot spot for drugs and other illegal activity) from the metro we had a short walk to St Peters square in the Vatican. As a reward for waking up early we were some of the first in the square…which made for some incredible pictures and time to take it all in.


Inside St. Peter’s 
We met up with my friend Father Jeremiah, who is studying in Rome. He led us into the St. Peters Basilica, which outshines every church I have ever seen. The intricate details are so interesting. Father J told us that some of the letters are 25 feet tall!!! (even though from where we stood they looked very tiny) then we went to a little alter where Father J said mass. Biffle and I each got to do a reading…in the Vatican! How many people can say they have done that?


Father Jeremiah and I
After that we were treated to one of the BEST walking tours of Rome. Father J showed us all around the Basilica, and as we left we got to stand in TWO places at once! (straddling the line between the Vatican and Rome) Another thing not many people can say.
The tour continued through Rome where we saw so many things all listed here in no particular order:

Piazza di Spagna (the Spanish steps)
Fontana di Trevvi
Piazza Della Minerva
Vittorio Emmanuelle II monument
Piazza Navona (Fontana di Quattro Flumi)
Circus Maximus
Where Julius was stabbed
Chiesa son Luigi Dei Frances
A lot of other churches

Father J knew so much about it all and gave a very lively tour. We walked a lot today, but I didn’t even notice because there were so many amazing things to see and take in.

Trevi Fountain
I must say the Pantheon was not what I was expecting at all…but I can’t even begin to describe what I was expecting. The Trevvi Fountain was one of my must sees, because throwing a coin in is on my bucket list! I threw a coin in over my shoulder…and so did Biffle and Lauren. Well Biffle threw two, because her first one hit someone in the face.
Then it was time for lunch, where we were treated to the best meal so far! It was a little local restaurant named Abruzzi where they invented pasta carbonera…needless to say that is what we all ordered. We also enjoyed some more delicious red wine, and an interesting appetizer made up of a potato and tomato. The food was amazing…Lauren and some pasta carbonera one desperate day in Vienna…which was very disappointing. After this meal it has been redeemed. Then the lunch got interesting…in all of Father Js messages he has been referencing the “green fairy” which I never understood…supposedly it is from the movie Eurotrip (which we will be watching when we get home). Supposedly the drink they brought out is as close to the “green fairy” as you will get. We also tried Limoncello, Sambuca, and another liquor. Leading to some uncontrollable giggles and an all around great time….all before two pm! I can definitely say we got a little tipsy with a priest today! After lunch we encountered our first rainy day of the trip, so Fr J led us to a bus stop and we parted ways. I am so grateful that we had such an amazing tour guide to show us around and treat us to an incredibly delicious meal! I honestly don’t want to eat again because I am convinced nothing will compare!

Best meal of the entire trip. 


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