Rome (day 14)

Day 14
We are officially the craziest tourists in Rome…this morning we were the first in line at the Colosseum at 745 am. We decided we needed to be early after seeing the crazy line at the Vatican Museum.
So let’s recall…day 1 in Rome, 445 am to meet Fr J. Day 2…530 to get to the Vatican Museum and day 3 6:00. Tomorrow the plan is 6:30.
Well our early rising did not pay off…because the time the doors to the Colosseum opened only about 50 people were in line. We got inside the Colosseum and did a quick walk through, and then headed to the Roman Forum. I will be the first to admit I am not very interested in Roman history, so after seeing five ruins of old buildings I was about done with the forum. As we were leaving the craziest thing ever happened…we ran into our Munich hostel mate Jaime! Just this morning we were wondering where she would be on her trip. I still can’t believe we ran into her in this giant city of Rome!
For lunch we listened to Biffles book yet again and visited a place called La Cuccuma. For 9 euros we got pasta, meat, and a side! Eating chicken was great…I honestly can’t remember the last time I had meat! As we walked back we stopped for Gelato…I tried a green melon flavor, it was very refreshing.
Tomorrow morning we leave for Cinque Terre which I have been dying to visit ever since seeing a picture from there. I am definitely ready to move on from Rome!!

Biffle and Big in front of the Colosseum 

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