Rome day 11

I had to wait a couple days to write this because I had no idea where to even begin. We arrived in Rome and had our sketchiest moments of the trip…we were heading to the tourist information desk when a older gentleman asked if we were looking for tourist info. He was wearing a badge, so we started talking. We told him we needed a place for the three of us for the next four nights. He said he knew of a place for 30 euros a night. We agreed, because we knew we couldn’t find cheaper in Rome. Then he started leading us away…we thought maybe to a computer…no he led us straight out the door, to a sketchy building (okay sketchy exterior) through a courtyard and to a tiny elevator. This is when my panic/anxiety hit the roof!
Luckily everything worked out, and we even went back to the tourist information place later in the day to ask about him and we googled the name of the place (all positive reviews)! The area we are staying in is just generally sketchy so that did not help the situation very much.
We also did our first load of laundry today!


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