Cinque Terre (day 15)

Day 15 Cinque Terre

“We are taking our chance we are the lucky ones… this moment is yours, this moment is mine we are gonna be fine.

I heard this song on my iPod this morning on the train to Cinque Terre and I thought it fit this trip perfectly. We have definitely had ours ups and downs on this trip…but like the song says “we are gonna be fine”…today showed me that. Cinque Terre is for sure my favorite stop on the trip so far. As we took the train from Rome we were treated to glimpses of the ocean in the distance. When we pulled into La Spezia train station we hopped onto another train and headed to Cinque Terre, which is a coastal strip of Italy made up of 5 cities. We are staying in the first city Riomaggarie. The first attempt to find a place to sleep was a fail, but our second stop was the definition of success! I am writing this from the balcony over the ocean attached to our two story apartment (only 90euros…30 each!) oh and it is the first place with actual full sized towels for us to use!!! I never ever want to leave!


Me in front of the cliff I had been searching for 
The main attraction in Cinque Terre is the hiking…it is a 5 hour hike between all 5 towns. We only hiked to the second town and then a little farther. I was on a mission to find the spot where a photo was taken. It was just as beautiful as in the picture! Colorful houses scattered up the rocky cliffs with the blue ocean below.
We also had another ATM incident…this time it happened to Biffle. The machine sucked her card in and the bank was closed for lunch. This is when we did a quick hike. Luckily when we returned Biffles card was waiting safe and sound inside the bank.
In our apartment we had a washing machine so we did a quick load of laundry…which actually took a good two hours! We are just now hanging it up to dry at 645 at night! Fingers crossed we won’t be carrying wet clothes to Nice.
While the laundry was going we wandered down a path behind our apartment to the waters edge. It felt amazing to stick my feet in the cold water! I was beyond tempted to go for a swim…but I chickened out (that and I didn’t bring a towel to dry off with) some of the locals came down for a swim and impressed us with their cliff scaling abilities and jumping off backwards into the rocky water below.


Scaling the Cliff
Lunch and dinner was spent at the same place. We got pizza for lunch and pasta (well gnocchi) for dinner and enjoyed it on our balcony.
Then we spent the rest of the night watching the sun set! A trail from the apartment led to a rocky ledge where we waited for the sun to set. Minutes before the sun sunk behind the hills, I overheard a man from above say “whale!” at first I thought I misheard him, so I scanned the ocean and waited. Sure enough I saw the whale surface and Lauren screamed “whale!” loud enough for everyone else to hear. Very quickly attention was turned from the setting sun to the whale out in the distance! I have seen whales before in Washington and Alaska, but I was never expecting to see one off the coast of Italy! One of the most surreal things ever.
I can’t believe we have to leave this paradise at 8am tomorrow! I would love to come back here with my family, because I know my mom and dad would absolutely love hiking the entire coast! With the right hiking shoes (my Keens I left at home because they were too bulky) and plenty of time I think the hike would be perfect! Nice should be beautiful too, because it is on the coast…and there is a chance of seeing celebrities (Cannes film festival is going on)! I am definitely glad to be out of Rome and enjoying the peaceful coastline!

One of my favorite pictures


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