Florence (day 10)

This morning we arrived in Florence at 6am after taking a night train, where I got little to no sleep. Before midnight we had an entire cabin to ourselves, and then a couple came and crashed the party…making sleeping near impossible.
Florence is incredible…even prettier than I imagined. First we hiked our way to a hostel in hopes of finding a bed. The first one was full, and the next one had a private triple available (win!). So we booked that and stored our luggage while we went to explore Florence in one day.
First stop on the tourist list? The David. We stood in the no reservation line, which was a little long… But not too bad. The David was very impressive, much bigger than I expected it to be. After seeing how tiny the Mona Lisa was, I was not expecting much! Next we went to Il Duomo, a gorgeous church. The inside was very unimpressive, because a lot of the things have been moved from the church to museums. Then we enjoyed some pizza…that was honestly not very impressive.
By lunchtime we had made our way to the river, which was amazing. We crossed the river at a bridge called Ponte Vecchio (the only bridge that survived bombings during WWII) and the we made our way to Piazza Michaelangelo where we hiked our way to the top to see a gorgeous view of the city.
After hitting these three must see stops we made our way back to the hostel. Our room is incredible…well for a hostel. It has a tv, fridge, and giant shower. Then we passed out for a good long nap…not sleeping all night was really getting to us. For dinner we had even more Pizza! This time the pizza was much better and they even gave us a box to bring our leftovers home!
I am so excited to be in Italy…and I can’t wait to see Rome tomorrow!


Biffle and I in Florence

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