Vienna (day8 and 9)



Heading to the train station

After a beautiful train ride through the rolling hills of Germany and Austria we arrived in Vienna. This was the first stop in our journey where we did not have a hostel set up in advance. Our plan was to talk to the tourist information people in the train station (because according to Biffles book they can book the hostels)…well we received quite a shock when we were told there was no tourist information at this train station. Luckily Biffles Let’s Go Europe 2011 (best book ever) has a list of hostel recommendations. We picked one from the book that is with Hosteling International which is who we stayed with in Munich. We ended up getting a 4 person room just for the three of us! We wandered around near the hostel and picked up some stuff for lunch at the local grocery store. We enjoyed our lunch on some steps and discovered Lauren’s intense fear of pigeons…they were all around us… Haha!


The first night in Vienna we visited a church that was under construction and the Albertina, which is an art museum. They had a wide variety of art pieces on display. They had a great gift shop too (thats the tourist in me) where they were selling William and Kate teabags…hilarious!After that we wandered down to a local park and just layer in the grass. Lauren discovered a new love “red shirt boy” that she observed from across the pond…unfortunately I never got to see “red shirt boy” due to a massive tree blocking my view. We asked the hostel worker for a dinner suggestion, and Lauren asked if she needed a flashlight to get back, the look on his face was priceless! We ate a late dinner at an Austrian restaurant where I enjoyed some more red wine and potato pancakes.
The next morning we had to wake up before 9 in order to get breakfast…which I must say was quite disappointing compared to all our other hostels. We visited the National Biblioteca, which is a giant library here in Vienna, and we also saw Mozarts house. We are slowly running out of things to do here. Our night train leaves at 730 and now Biffle and Big are enjoying ice cream. Florence Italy at 630 am tomorrow! We only have one full day in Florence so it will be jam packed!!


Train ride to Austria


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