Au Revoir Paris, Gutentag Munich (day6)

This morning the alarm sounded at 5 am, forcing me to get out of bed and finish getting pack up for our day of traveling. I put my GINORMOUS backpack on and headed out the door, leaving the Perfect Hostel behind.


Beer with Big in Munich
We got to the train station and stood in line to find out how we used our Eurorail pass…well surprise you needed to book this ticket in advance…thanks for that tidbit of information Eurorail. The man who barely spoke English told us that the next train to Munich with opening was at 8 pm. We tried to figure out a different route to Munich…but then we decided to walk down by the train where we met the nicest man in Paris. He was the train man and he told us to hop into this tiny 16 seat carriage at the back of the train and wait and see if those seats were claimed. After 15 agonizing minutes the train rolled out of the station with all three of us on board! We ended up having to pay 20 euro for not having a reservation but that is a million times better than waiting to leave until 8 pm.
After a train change we arrived in Munich and encounter the German language…which is nearly impossible for me to speak. Luckily we found several people who spoke English to help lead us to our hostel. We are staying near the Zoo in a cute residential area. We are now in a four bed room with one roommate named Jamie who lives in Canada but is originally from Australia. We went down to the city center using the metro (we are becoming public transportation pros) and enjoyed a German dinner with a beer. I am embarrassed to admit I could not even finish one mug of beer :(. I guess beer isn’t my thing, I was hoping maybe German beer would be better? I guess I just need to find that Red wine from Paris! We walked around the city square Marienplantz, it was really nice to take in Munich.


Fountain in City Center


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