Versailles (day5)

Woke up to Jake Owens Barefoot Blue Jean night…and we listened to a little Blake Shelton while we got ready…I miss country music! We ate our last breakfast in Paris. I woke up with a really bad sore throat so the hot tea was perfect.


my favorite shot from Versailles
Lauren made a love connection on the train today with a sketchy, hungover, and dirty guy…well he definitely felt the connection, Lauren not so much! We all got a good laugh after he left the train…only to reappear moments later claiming that wasn’t his stop..creepy? Yes! He finally left the train and we made our way to Versailles. We walked through the palace which was really neat. My feet are extra sore today, so I have been sitting any chance I get! By the time we finished at Versailles we were starving, so we went to McDonalds, ridiculous I know, but we were not in the mood for attempting to read a French menu. This McD was super fancy…it had it’s own bakery where I finally got to try a macaroon. When we all got back we bought a French baguette (.90euro) a case of strawberries (3.95 euro) and a bottle of white wine (3.15 euro). Perfect dinner for our last night in Paris! If only the wine tasted good…we should have known 3 euros is too good to be true.tomorrow we head to Munich bright and early, waking up and 5 am! Pray the eurorail goes well tomorrow!



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