Exploring Paris (day 3)

Day 3

this morning we woke up at 7:15 tired…sleeping was challenging, I was hot and then cold and noisy people in the hostel and on the streets kept me wide awake. Hostel breakfast was delicious, hot tea OJ croissant and french bread. First we went to a cemetary Montmarte where we saw the burial place of Alexendre Dumas..then as we were walking around I felt a snap from behind, turned out my super stealthy but still awkward passport holder broke :(, on day one! So I decided to turn it into a belt…problem solved. Then we went Sacre Couer, a church on the hill with a beautiful view of Paris. We had walked here so we slowly made our way back to the hostel walking up and down several streets, some sketchier than others.


*Flower Garden in the Montmarte Cemetery*

I was extremely excited when I saw a BNParibas ATM bc this is supported by Bank of America making taking money out very easy…or so I thought until the ATM machine decided to eat my card. Which then led to a mini panic attack by me, luckily the bank was right around the corner, but anxiety rose when the woman at the front desk knew very little English (and by very little I mean none) after about 25 minutes of getting no where a man that spoke English came down to help…and several phone calls and secret passcodes later the card was cancelled. The only problem that remainded? No idea what the pin is for my other card! So I sent some panicky emails home and I will have to wait till morning to here.

At the Louvre Museum 

The day got a million times better when we met Biffles cousin Yvonne who lives in Paris, and just happens to work at a Bakery right around the corner from our hostel. She is seriously the nicest person ever, and she spoke English which was great to hear. She gave us perfect directions to the Louvre. The buildings down here are breathtaking, not at all what I was expecting!! We even caught a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower from the river. At 6 pm we went into the Louvre for free, which was perfect for me because I am not a museum person…and this one was like a bajillion degrees inside. I do have to admit seeing the Mona Lisa was pretty cool…but surprisingly tiny! Then we met Yvonne for dinner and she took us to a little street full of restaurants. This first restaurant was very French food (ducks feet?) so we moved to another one where we shared the most delicious bottle of red wine with our meal. After dinner we caught to visit Yvonnes apartment in Paris! It was really interesting to see inside an apartment…or flat as they call them. She even let me check my email…where I found an email reply from my parents, life saved! Rough day, but it ended well!




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