Bonjour! Arriving in Paris

From an internet cafe in Paris France, where the keyboards are confusing and letters are in different places (this is my excuse for any typos) Overall, we have had a great time in Paris. I have snapped some great pictures that I will come back and add! I have been recording all the days journeys in a notepadt so that I could type up and share when I found internet (half a euro for 15 minutes)

Day 1 and 2

I left Orlando for Tampa International with my massive backpack ready to set off on this journey. Mom dropped me off at Tampa where I waited for my Big and Biffle to arrive…phoneless ! Luckily we all met up and made it to Barcelona 8 AM the next day. We had to wait until one for our flight to Paris. Once we made it we took a bus to the city center and tried our hand at navigating the streets of ^Paris…very difficult, we ended up with a taxi to our hostel (Perfect Hostel) amazing!!! we have our own room with a sink. Walked around the area and ate on a street corner observing local Parisians. Big and I have decided Parisians are all VERY fashionable!

Navigating Paris


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