EuroTrip 2011

Tomorrow begins my European adventure with two of my best friends. We are backpacking from country to country and staying in hostels. I have never been to Europe so I’m very excited to see it all! We are starting our trip in Barcelona, where we will hang for a few hours before catching a flight to Paris! After Paris we are off to Munich, where we will be visiting a concentration camp, something I have been wanting to visit since taking a course on the Holocaust at UF. From Munich we go to Vienna, I do not know a lot about Vienna but from the pictures I have seen it is beautiful. Then we finally make it to Italy! Florence is our first stop here, and I am excited to see some beautiful Italian countryside :)! Next we make our way down to Rome, which is very exciting for all three of us, because of the strong Catholic history that can be found here. After spending a few days in Rome we head to Southern France (Nice) and finally our trip ends back in Barcelona! It should be an amazing Month of exploring the world!
Due to the fact that I am traveling out of a backpack, carrying a computer would be suicide, so I am going to attempt to post when I can from computer or labs, or I will type the entire post on my phone (which I just did as a test run)!!! I will snap some
Photos on my phone….but the amazing ones will be shared when I return!

Packed and ready to go 🙂 (picture from later in the trip!) 


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