The Royal Wedding (Picture Post)

So unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you have heard about the Royal Wedding of Prince William to commoner Kate Middleton, a true fairytale wedding. This morning the festivities started at 4 AM on the east coast…and I can tell you a good amount of Americans woke up early for this big day. My brother could not fathom why any one cared about this wedding, and why we would wake up before the sun to see it. My response? Kate Middleton is living every little girl’s dream right now, she is becoming a princess.  The one thing I was waiting patiently to see was Kate’s dress, and in my opinion it was worth the wait.

This was the first glimpse we caught of the bride-to be Kate’s gorgeous gown. I loved the elegant lace sleeves and found them very appropriate for such a royal occasion. The morning progressed showing other members of the wedding party arriving including the bridesmaids and page boys.

How adorable are they?? I love the little boys outfits, and the girls dresses are gorgeous.

Then around 6:00 AM Kate Middleton made her grand entrance, showing the entire world her dress.

She is absolutely stunning and she looks so happy!

And then came the wedding ceremony. Prince William shared some kind words with his bride (rumored to have whispered “You look beautiful”) and then sharing a remark with the bride’s father (“so much for a small affair”). During the ceremony the Bishop shared this quote, that I loved…

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

St. Catherine of Siena

After a beautiful ceremony, the procession began to Buckingham Palace where the new couple would share their first kiss. The newly Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made their way in a carriage straight out of a fairytale.

And then came the moment the world’s romantics were waiting for…the kiss! I must say, if you weren’t watching closely you would have missed it! Luckily the couple gave the world what they wanted by sharing a second kiss with us all.

And that is where my watching of the Royal Wedding ended…but now as I watch the news more and more is being released about the rest of the day.

The couple drove off in a Vintage Aston Martin with a license plate that read “JU5TWED”

Later in the day Kate Middleton switched into this gorgeous dress.

My absolute favorite image of the day? this one below…

I guess this little 3 year old was finished with all the excitement for the day… 🙂

Another favorite part of this event? Everyone in London witnessing this event! I can’t imagine being there and taking part in this event. Everyone was very civilized, especially as they were being led to Buckingham Palace…if that had happened in America people would have been trampled, no doubt in my mind.

Overall, I found the Royal Wedding to be perfect. It was elegant and classy, but still had a modern touch to it. I truly think Kate stole the show, looking absolutely breathtaking in her one of kind gown.

**Pictures via Tumblr**


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