The Final Stretch…

Can you believe it? This semester is coming to an end! Tomorrow is the last day of classes, and I only have 3 more exams (two are take home) to survive. This year has definitely flown by, I can’t believe I will be entering my FOURTH year of college (it seems so surreal!) So many people are graduating this year too, like my Big and Devan! Lucky for me we all got to spend an amazing weekend together at the beach, right before finals began. We had a perfect day at the beach, minus the horrendous sunburn I got, and of course any trip with me would not be complete without a mini photoshoot. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our weekend at the beach!

I am absolutely OBSESSED with this picture (confession: it is currently the background on my computer) We took all these pictures using my very handy tripod (thanks mom and dad) and my clicker (thank you Lauren)!

A picture with my favorite PC 09s Dana and Lauren 🙂

My Big and I

When the photoshoot went a little crazy! Devan and Lauren ambushed our picture…which I obviously found hilarious!

It was the perfect weekend right before exams! I loved getting to spend a little bit more time with some of my favorite seniors!!! Now I just have to survive the next few days and I will be on SUMMER vacation, and preparing for my epic adventure to Europe (where I will be finding myself a Prince…)

One last picture to end the post…Biffle don’t kill me 🙂


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