Oh Baby!

I absolutely LOVE babies, and I am always excited to find out someone is expecting. Our family friend TT is due any day now, and I cannot WAIT to meet little Mary Adele. One of my classmates is also expecting a little girl and this past Friday our Cohort had a baby shower for her. It was one of the cutest baby showers ever! My favorite part was painting the onsies for the baby to wear. People got so creative with their creations. Jessica designed one with a pink and white polka dot bikini on it, and another one said COHORT 75 MASCOT (adorable). Of course, I have to brag on mine a little because I was so impressed with my steady hand (okay, don’t get to excited it is not masterpiece!)

Cute right? Something every little gator girl needs to own, but maybe something a little more professionally done! This was by far my favorite activity at the baby shower, because I got to be creative and make something cute for the little baby to wear. I also loved getting to see my favorite Cohort girls (Cohort- group of girls that are in all of my classes) outside of class. Here is a picture of Karen, Julianne, Sarah and I at the baby shower 🙂

The only thing that made this baby shower even more fantastic? The hostess Megan has the cutest Golden Retriever named Murphy! He is the sweetest most well behaved dog I have ever seen (no offense Bailey, I still love you the most!) Just look at how nicely he sat while we all enjoyed our food!

At TT’s baby shower, we did one activity that I will definitely be stealing for my own baby shower (waaay in the future). Each guest was given an envelope with an age written on it (5-25) Inside the envelope was a card for the guest to write a note to Mary Adele when she turns that age. (adorable right?) Well, I got lucky #5, aka the first note she will ever read from this game. Needless to say I have yet to write this note, because I want it to be perfect! I love that they gave Caroline (the baby’s cousin) her age now, because she will definitely have the best advice for little Mary Adele!

Perfectly wrapped presents at TT’s baby shower!

Anyways, this post is a little random, but this is my second Baby shower this year, so I figured I would share all my favorite baby shower activities :).


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