What I’m Loving Wednesday

1. Groupon , my dad first shared this great site with me and ever since I have loved it. Being a college student I am always on the hunt for the best deals. Each day Groupon features daily deals specified to your area. I bought a $20 gift card to Barnes and Noble for the low price of $10. As a future teacher, I will definitely use this to buy some books for my classroom. I also got a gift card to Tropical Smoothies 50% off. Each day the deals differ, but usually they are pretty decent savings wise. Click the link above or here and go sign up for a free account and you will get notified about daily deals!

2. Award Shows! I always joke that I am an award show junkie, seriously it is like boys and football for me! Now that award season is dwindling down, we are getting closer and closer to the Superbowl of award shows…The Academy Awards (which is pencilled in my planner) airing on February 27th. This Sunday the Grammy’s were on, and they were excellent. One performance I really enjoyed was Mumford and Sons, but I spent the entire time noting the lead singers uncanny resemblance to Tim Tebow! Does anyone else see it? Here is the video of their performance…

3. Post Valentine’s day Goodies :)! I may be single, but that does not mean I don’t get to enjoy the holiday. My roommates and I had a girls night, complete with PINK (yes pink!) pancakes, cupcakes and Gossip Girl! Our apartment is now full of beautiful flowers and pink decorations. Being a girl that loves anything pink, this holiday is great for me :)!

Here are the PINK Pancakes Natalie’s mom found for us! 🙂 It was so exciting to have bright pink pancakes.

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