Week 5

This week was very busy!! I worked a new girl scout site on Tuesday, and it was amazing. I have never seen girls so excited about Girl Scouts. For registering as a new girl scout they received a t-shirt, and immediately they rushed to the bathroom to put it on! I also have an amazing co leader Camille, and the girls decided to teach us a step (which I still need to master) and gave us creative nicknames! I am Troop Leader Silly Sara and Camille is Troop Leader Magnificent Mille.

In my technology class we had to create a digital booktalk, and being the tech obsessed dork I am…I loved it! I decided to use the book Where the Wild Things Are, mainly because it is the only picture book I have here. I am extremely happy at how it turned out! Watch it below…

Friday was a busy day for me! I had to head out to Williston in the morning to hang out with my favorite kindergartners. They were celebrating the 100th day of school, with a variety of fun activities! I love all the fun ideas our teacher comes up with for the class. After kindergarten, I had to work and then I had class and then I had staff meeting, and then I went to the gymnastics meet with my Aunt! (told you I was busy!) And then Friday night my little made me be social and go out! We went to a Golf and Tennis themed party…but of course my favorite tennis skirt was in Orlando, so I decided to wear a cute Lilly dress which worked fine 🙂

I ended up working the ENTIRE day on Saturday at the Girls Rock Celebration! This is an event held for all the community development Girl Scouts that we work with! It was a crazy day, but very entertaining…below is a picture from the event, it is Natalie and I with our Friday troop.

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