Week 3

So this semester I am taking my last required elective for the Pro Teach program, and it is a Life Science class…all about bugs. Now, I am not one of those really squeamish girls that screams whenever they see a bug (just ask the roommates…I am the cockroach exterminator) BUT that does not mean I want to hold a bug and inspect it weekly…especially not grasshoppers (those will make me scream)

Don’t get me wrong, the class is really fun (minus the real bugs) and the information is pretty easy to grasp. This week we received 2 caterpillars that we get to raise, until they turn into butterflies. This week’s picture is of my two (still unnamed) caterpillars…

I know, they are definitely not what I was expecting when I first heard caterpillars (I pictured the big fat caterpillars I find in my backyard!) but I have had experience with these caterpillars before, Biffle took this class in the summer so I am a PROFESSIONAL when it comes to raising caterpillars (okay I seriously hope I did not jinx my caterpillars by saying that) but honestly I think it will be REALLY hard for ME to kill them…they just sit in their container and eat the food already in there, and when they turn into cocoons, I transport it to a larger container, and wait until they are BEAUTIFUL butterflies. After that the teacher gave us three options (the first horrified me…)

1. Throw ’em in the freezer and you can save them for your classroom collection

2. You can get a Butterfly house and raise them

3. Let them go

I am still trying to decide…okay this is going to make me sound like a horrible human being, but I kind of want the butterfly for the little boy I babysit for (he has a bug board) but there is no way I am throwing them in the freezer (thats just CRUEL) so I am planning on letting them fly on my porch (provided with food and plants) so pretty much a GIANT butterfly house…and then when they die naturally (their lifespan is only like a week or two) I can give it to D for his collection.

Ahh…I honestly have no idea what I will do…haha I say all that now, but I have a feeling when they are butterflies I am going to let them go…I mean this is the girl that saved a drowning butterfly from the pool! (yes, yes I did do that…see I am kind of a bug person)


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