Week 2

Spring Recruitment was this week, and here is a photo I took of some of my beautiful sisters on our front porch! I love the white rocking chairs :)! This week I survived class and headed home for the weekend. Friday I ended up overnight babysitting for a family back home. It was a lot of fun, but I had to wake up BRIGHT and early the next morning to get the kids up and moving. I also got to see my youth minister Rich, who now lives in Philly. Amanda, Rich and I went to the Briarpatch for breakfast. It was like he had never even left!

And Sunday night the Golden Globes were on, and if you know me, you know I absolutely LOVE award shows. The roommates and I usually have a pretty entertaining commentary running during the entire show. I like the Golden Globes a lot more than the People’s Choice Awards (which were horrible this year) because they actual give QUALITY movies awards…aka Twilight does not win everything.

I have also been in quite a blogging mood, probably because I would much rather type about my life, than do schoolwork, so I am thinking I may have some random posts in the blog, but I will be sure to keep the weekly photos! 🙂

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