Day 363

The beginning of this day was not fun at all…first I had to go to the Dentist (which I hate) and then to the dermatologist…the day got a million times better when I got to see my Little!!! :)! She was staying down by Disney so I picked her up and we went outlet mall shopping! Whoever invented Retail Therapy was a genius! :)! I bought TWO Vineyard Vines dresses for the price of one, and the nice guy working there gave us a sticker for free (Very dorky but I have wanted this sticker forever, it is going to look amazing on my computer!) And then the most amazing part of the day…I got my paddle from my little…words cannot describe how truly amazing it is! She handpainted it in a Lilly Pulitzer pattern. This paddle will literally hang in my house forever!!!

Seriously, I am still speechless! It is absolutely stunning! And while the front may be the prettiest thing ever…the heartfelt note my little wrote on the back truly brightened my day! :)!!! After outlet mall shopping I went over to Amanda’s for a bonfire and I got to see Mariah, my friend that is a freshman at Georgetown!!! I haven’t seen her in forever so that was very exciting! :)!!!


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