Day 356

Today I learned how to ski…I have always snowboarded (but I am terrible) so my mom suggested skiing! Matt and I took a private lesson together, and our instructor said we are the fastest learners he has seen. Matthew is a daredevil when it comes to skiing…I am the biggest chicken ever! Literally the slowest person on the mountain because I am terrified of falling! My one wipeout of the day, was on the bunny slope and it was the first run…of course I ran smack into Matthew taking him out with me. To be fair it was hit some little kid or Matthew, so I made a snap decision.

When we got home I sat by a nice warm fire and watched some more ESPN (literally ESPN has been on 24/7 this trip) I could tell you anything about current events in sports! For example did you know 5 Ohio State players are suspended for the first 5 games of the season? Or that Celtics are currently in a 14 game winning streak…see this is scary!!!!


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