Day 335

Today was absolutely crazy…I got to the house for lunch and the doorbell rang…so I politely answered the door and two girls wishing to speak to our house mom about some kittens in the front yard. I am not sure what exactly they wanted to tell her about the kittens, but she wasn’t home so I took a message down.

Then my little and I went to check these kittens out…and I will be the first to admit I am not a cat person but these little guys were absolutely ADORABLE! My little and I were plotting ways to sneak them into her dorm room…don’t worry we didn’t! But I am 99% sure all of these kittens were adopted due to my adorable pictures (okay maybe an exaggeration) But they are adorable! Here is one of them…

Tonight was also ACTIONS! World Aid’s Day Forum…I finally got to wear my super cute Old Navy jacket (it was FREEZING outside!) I made Amanda take my picture before we left, because I was obsessed with the jacket 🙂


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