Day 330

Today was BLACK FRIDAY…but I was not brave enough to face the crowds at the Mall or Target! My mom and I did walk Park Ave looking for some good deals. I was very excited to go in the Lilly store, but I am sad to report it was very disappointing. I ended up getting a pair of jeans and two of the comfiest sweaters EVER from the GAP. Now Florida just needs to cool down so I can actually wear them. Ryan was leaving today for Tallahassee…he gets to go to the UF vs FSU game. But before he left he shaved…now this may not seem like a big deal but Ryan had been participating in NO SHAVE NOVEMBER (meaning he hasn’t shaved all month) until today. Needless, to say I snapped a before and after picture.

My mom and I went to the Magic game tonight in the brand new arena. It is the coolest place ever…I took so many pictures! 🙂


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