Day 329

I am thankful for….

My family

My friends

My health

the opportunity to learn

having a safe place to come home to

a warm bed to sleep in

food on my plate

and people that love me.

There are so many things I could list above, but it would go on forever so I decided to just mention a few. Today is Thanksgiving, this morning I went to church with my mom and I am so glad I went. A family I babysat for just adopted a little girl and I had never met her, but I got to today. She is the sweetest thing ever, and her new big sister is amazing with her. After church I went to play tennis with Caroline (one thing I am NOT thankful for is the HEAT in Florida!) I love getting to see her when I am home…she is my mini-me :)!

After this it was time for the Thanksgiving celebration to begin. My family was all coming to our house, so my mom was in crisis mode (legit cleaning and cooking for days!) The food was delicious and I loved getting to see my family. I am also very excited to report that after 20 years I graduated from the kiddie table! 🙂

Picture of the day is all the food on the table! I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving :)!


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