Day 326

This morning I had a dermatologist appointment downtown, and I ended up EXTREMELY lost. Ultimately ,I found my way to my dad’s office (where I stole all the good PEOPLE magazines!) After this I ran some errands, which included getting an awesome birthday present for Amanda (she turns 21 tomorrow!) but I can’t post a picture of the present because it is very likely she will read this…so picture of the day was snapped while lost. It is on some little lake that I kept going around and around (seriously lost!) No cars were behind me so I pulled over to snap this picture!

It’s too bad you can’t see all of downtown Orlando (that would have made for a prettier picture!) This afternoon I got started on some Thanksgiving desserts. My goal was to make these adorable Turkey cake balls…but come time to bake I chickened out. I figured absolutely NOTHING could go wrong with simple sugar cookies…biggest mistake ever. They were a fail…but my family will be enjoying them on Thanksgiving! 🙂

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