Day 322

Thanksgiving break starts today!! the amazing Dr. Nelson let us out of class 2 hours early…and Biffle and I were getting ready to leave for Orlando when the unthinkable happened. Here back windshield literally SHATTERED, all over poor Julianne. The story is as follows:

We all get into Biffle’s car, Julianne in the back and start heading down sorority row so we can get my car.

Julianne: “Hey Sarah why does you back window look so weird…”

BAM!!! glass shatters EVERYWHERE! Poor Julianne is probably scarred for life…

(okay we seriously should have filmed it…my re-telling does not do it justice)

Ultimately, we cleaned up all the glass and Biffle drove her car without a back windshield all the way to Orlando. She was coming home with me so we could see Harry Potter at midnight. Marisa and her friend Amanda met up with us and we made t-shirts for the premier (yes we were THOSE people) But this was the FIRST Harry Potter movie I had seen AFTER reading the book. I am so glad they split this movie into two, because they would have never fit everything into the movie. My biggest pet peeve is when movies leave part of the book out. I must say there was only one or two things that I was upset by in this movie…overall it was INCREDIBLE. The acting phenomenal, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and Daniel Radcliffe have grown up so much over the ten years. I can’t wait to see this movie again! Here is a picture of Biffle, Marisa, Amanda and I in our shirts….

We may look pretty intense…but trust me there were people in LEGIT costumes. It was my first HP midnight premiere.


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