Day 320

Today was a very sad day 😦 It was my last time interning in my AMAZING Kindergarten classroom. Words cannot describe the amazing experience I have had this semester. I have learned SO much 🙂 I got extremely lucky and was blessed with the best teacher ever. She went through the same program I am currently in, and she is truly an incredible teacher. I hope that when I have a classroom I am that great of a teacher. The kids love her and they learn so much! Karen and I are planning on going back to visit the kids in the spring, because I already miss them! Our teacher is the sweetest person ever…she got Karen and I a gift 🙂

She got us the book “Where the Wild Things Are” because she calls her kids the WILD THINGS :)! Underneath the book is the most adorable picture frame with the class photo in it. She wrote all the students names around the border. I love this gift because it was so thoughtful and it truly means the world to me! 🙂


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