Day 313

Today was my second to last day teaching in my kindergarten classroom…I am so sad to be finishing :(! Karen and I had to teach our CSI lesson…it was called Weaving a Web of Understanding…picture of the day is the web my group weaved.

I also got a super adorable picture with my entire class, but unfortunately I can’t post it online because that is not appropriate, but you can all take my word…they are adorable! After our lesson we did some Thanksgiving crafts with the kids, my job was to paint the kids hands so they could make turkey prints. :)!

Class was boring…but when is it not?

When I got home from class I checked the mail and I had TWO postcards waiting for me from postcrossing!! :)! They were from the Netherlands and Germany! This made my excitement level soar…and then after that I went to dinner with Christina Lauren and Biffle. I haven’t seen in Christina in forever so that also made my day better! Below is a picture of my two postcards…





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