Day 311

This morning I went to church with my big and little brother. After church, my big and I went out to lunch. We had a great time! :)! Later in the afternoon I went to dinner with my grandparents for my Aunt Glynda’s birthday. I was really excited to see them. Ryan came along as well…so I got to see him twice in one day!

Continuing with this family themed day, my dad downloaded Skype on his new computer…so we tested it out. I skyped with my entire family while they ate dinner, Bailey included. Picture of the day is screen shots from Skyping.

and of course I had to Skype with Bailey…but Skype was not made for dogs, She got VERY confused trying to figure out where my voice was coming from. Another fun thing I learned today? My grandparents are coming from California in December!!!!! :)!


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