Day 310

Today I spent 5 1/2 hours working Daisy Brownie fun day with some of the most incompetent volunteers ever. I was hoping to leave after picking girls up…and make it home in time to watch the football game. But I ended up being at the office until 4 pm, luckily I get paid!

Natalie and I did not have to do too much either, pretty much just supervise the volunteers and make s’mores! Yes, we got paid to make s’mores! When we finally made it home I was tired, starving and cold. (It was in the THIRTIES today!) Megan walked over from her apartment to hang out. We made a Michaels run to get some crafts…and ended up with the cutest chocolate molds! I have found several recipes online that involve using chocolate molds so I wanted some. The ones I got are sea animals (SEA TURTLE!) and then Zoo Animals (you put an oreo in the middle!)

We also attempted to make our own potato chips…fail… haha! I swear I am only successful in baking desserts…I cannot make real food to save my life! Picture of the day is a pretty tree lined street on my way to one of the pick ups…

and one more cute picture? The Daisies and Brownies CHOWING down on the S’mores nat and I made! Messiest snack ever…luckily they were eating them outside!

Oh…even though I missed the ENTIRE football game…WE WON! And Alabama LOST! (best day ever!) Now we just need to beat SOUTH CAROLINA next week and I will be in Atlanta in December! :)!


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