Day 308

Today’s picture was taken around 12:15 AM. It is now officially Karen’s 21st Birthday, so we went out for midnight drinks…and by that I mean Sarah and Karen had drinks, while Julianne and I chilled alongside. :)! (June needs to HURRY up!) We went to Ale House…here is Karen and I before her first legal drink…

I was so excited because my hair actually looked semi curly…and I didn’t do anything to it! :)! Unfortunately, when I woke up today…I was sick! :(! Worst pain ever…so I ended up skipping class, luckily I missed absolutely nothing. Even sadder than me being sick? Karen being sick on her 21st birthday! Instead of going out to celebrate we just had a chill dinner, which was still a lot of fun! We are postponing her celebration till next thursday!


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