Day 307

I am officially Natalie and Amanda’s soccer photographer. Today was their last game with their cute little team…so I made my way out to the soccer fields with my camera ready to go. Last year, I thought their team was crazy…but this years is 10x worse (legit ADD poster children) but I LOVED it! I spent the whole game laughing! One little boy was my favorite, he came up and started talking to me about my camera…this was the same little boy who spent a good minute sticking his finger in an ant pile mid soccer game.

This is the little guy chilling on the sidelines (one of his calmer moments) He would cheer “GO LIONS” but he could not pronounce the L in lions…it sounded more like “GO YIONS” adorable! It was a beautiful day at the soccer fields…I snapped this picture as well.

After the game I had an ACTIONS! Capture the Flag social…INTENSE! We are all very¬†competitive…but my team won :)! After that Biffle and I went shopping…and I got an adorable new winters coat from Old Navy! It is RED with ruffles!!!!!

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