Day 301

Not to brag…but I have the BEST Cohort in the college of education history! Literally we all get along perfectly…and we all REALLY want to be the best teachers we can be. One of the girls in my cohort Morgan worked on getting us all T-Shirts (they are ADORABLE) and we all wore them today. Above is Biffle, Karen Julianne and I showing the backs of our shirts….below is the entire cohort.

Tonight was a ROUGH night of tennis..two losses (very sad). After the tennis match I got to head to the BEACH with Karen and Julianne for the entire weekend. I have been counting down the days until Cocoa FOREVER! I am so excited to just relax on the warm sand.

Another exciting thing that happened today? I got MAIL! Being a college student I love getting mail…but this may have been the best mail ever…it was a postcard from INDIA. My friend Chelsie is studying abroad in India and we have been emailing and writing each other…but the post card is the best because it is actually FROM india! I can’t wait for Chelsie to come home! Even though I usually don’t see her all Fall (she goes to school in NC) we can at least text/call…so it has been really hard to have 0 communication (besides email!)

This is Lord Krishna on the postcard.


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