Day 297

It is official I am in LOVE with Georgia! Every time I visit I love it! The weather is great…the trees change colors…and with a master degree in education I make $6,000 more a year! Today we went to the Cannonball House in Macon, GA. This is where Phi Mu was founded (Wesleyan College) In the Cannonball House there is a room dedicated to our founders Mary, Mary and Martha. It was very interesting to see items that actually belonged to them.

Here is Devan and I with the back fence at the Cannonball House. Behind us you can see the Catholic Church…it looked amazing! Here is another picture from the Cannonball House…it is Julianne, Biffle, and I infront of the house.

I apologize now because this post is going to have a LOT of pictures…it was VERY difficult for me to choose ONE. After the Cannonball House we went to Riverside Cemetery where our founder Martha Hardaway Redding is buried. I have decided I do NOT like graveyards…they are creepy (even in the day time). After this short stop we headed to downtown Macon for lunch…unfortunately a majority of restaurants were closed because it was Sunday. We ended up eating at a small greek restaurant. Last picture is walking back to the busses….pretty leaves.


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