Day 289

I am not going to lie…today sucked. 😦


As I am sure you are all aware the Gators lost…to Mississippi State. (7-10)


And I had AMAZING seats…perfect to watch a win from…depressing to watch a loss from, especially when you think the potential game tying field goal went in! (supposedly it was WAAY out…but it looked good from my seat)

It is sad when my picture has to be of the halftime show…but the band was amazing! Here is a snap of them doing the single ladies dance.

So back to the game…I had the two most annoying boys sitting behind me and they absolutely NOTHING about football, but that did not keep them from blaming every single mistake on John Brantley. I feel so bad for Brantley because honestly all these mistakes are not his fault. Luckily I had Karen sitting beside me…and she made it her duty to yell at them about their “negativity” But the worst came when the ENTIRE stadium booed Brantley…this just disgusts me. Some people should never be allowed to cheer for the Gators again. If you can’t wear the orange and blue proudly…please don’t wear it at all.

But on a positive note, South Carolina lost to Kentucky! Which means if we win all the rest of our games and beat South Carolina we could still go to Atlanta for the SEC championship! That’s right Gator fans keep the optimism ALIVE! :)!


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