Day 288

Do you ever have SO much work to do…yet you do not accomplish any of it? That was today. I literally did NOTHING all day….well until Gator Growl at 7pm. I love Gator Growl, not sure why exactly…maybe because I have been going since I was little? Or the atmosphere…I absolutely love Gator Fans.

I was a little disappointed because there was not a musical act…but the comedians were really funny (Well 2/3) Kevin Hart and Aziz Ansaria were absolutely hilarious! I love at one point Aziz stopped his act to take in the fact that he was doing stand up comedy in a stadium. I can’t explain what happened next but it was one of the coolest sounds ever, slowly you could hear the sounds of cheering echoing through the stadium.

One of my dreams is to get to stand out on the field during a game and hear the crowd cheer. We were sitting in the fourth row at Growl so I figure that must be pretty close to what the players hear during games. After the show we stuck around to take some pictures…and here is one of Karen, Julianne and I :)!

Gameday against Mississippi State tomorrow and we better win…I honestly cannot take another game like last week. (I will have a head full of grey hairs!)

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