Day 286

My Biffle is 21!

I feel like I always mention my Biffle, but people are still confused at who this is…well her name is Sarah and she is one of my sorority sisters. I never thought I would be a person who would call someone Biffle (which stands for best friend for LIFE) when I was a college student…and given different circumstances there is no way I would. I am going to try my best to explain the story behind the nickname “Biffle”

It all started back when we were Phis…she was Sarah and I was Sara. One day her future Big Nicole asked her where I was…but Sarah had literally only met me the day before. Nicole was shocked and exclaimed “But I thought you were Biffles!” and the name stuck. Nicole always claims responsibility for putting the Biffles together. We later found out that she is Sarah Ellen and I am Sara Helen…so this just reinforced the name sticking. I mean have you ever been friends with someone with the same name? It is really weird to call someone else Sara(h)…so saying Biffle is just much easier! :)!

Tonight for her birthday we had a social with LXA. The theme was BET vs. CMT, naturally I went as CMT so I could rock the cowboy boots yet again. The picture above shows all of us girls before leaving the house, and I am the one dying of laughter in the middle.

Lucky for Biffle she had free drinks all night…me on the other hand I stuck with the diet coke. I am proud to say Biffle completed her sign (with 21 different tasks on it) before the night ended! Here is another picture from the beginning of the night…I had to add a picture to explain. If you just see Biffle alone she looks drunk (which she wasn’t) so I added Harry Potter because it explained what she was doing. I die of laughter every time I see this…and I think it is appropriate given she is the person that made me read the Harry Potter series.


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