Day 282

Have you ever woken up in a bad mood you can’t explain? Well that was me this morning. Every little thing that happened frustrated me in one way or another. I should have taken this as a sign that today would not go well…

It was Gameday in the Swamp…and the Gators were playing the LSU Tigers. After losing to Alabama the fans REALLY needed this win. I must say this was one of the most anxiety filled games I have watched….and it killed me to watch my Gators lose. I have been in the crowd for the last few losses and they always suck. But tonight was by far the worst (okay not as bad as the SEC Championship…but this was waay closer) I was convinced my Gators would pull it out in the end. Even after the game was over I waited patiently for the refs to come out and say they made a mistake…Gators Win! But unfortunately this never happened…Les Miles got lucky yet again. Our road to Atlanta is looking pretty dim 😦

Despite this loss I had a blast at the game…yelling and screaming my head off! Seriously I think the people sitting around me thought I was trashed…I think I was just on an adrenaline rush. Karen, Amanda, and Natalie probably got a big laugh out of my little freakouts during the game. I am convinced I got grey hairs and a stomach ulcer watching the game. We were also in row 89…out of 90 rows. :)! My favorite people in the crowd was this group of 4 guys who painted themselves PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. When they walked by us Karen made one of them stop so I could snap a picture…so of course I have to share it :)! They painted SAVE THE TATA’s on their backs!

I really wish UF would do a PINK OUT Game during October, because I know the Student Body would definitely participate and I think the Swamp would look amazing filled with Pink :)!

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